The water is lava. [video]


The water is lava. [video]

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you will each choose, at random, a card from inside this box. on each card, there’s a profession. based on that profession, your colleague’s going to make decisions concerning your bunker worthiness. you have a brutally short window to calculate who deserves a slot in your bunker. your one tool? logic. 

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umbrella installation
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(Nearly) A year of Skycats (my monthly comic for Emirates Airlines Open Skies magazine)

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so my school serves hot chocolate in these cups


and i noticed the two women seemed to be scrutinizing something


so i turned the cup and found this guy


and i laughed so hard because i can only imagine the situation this cup is depicting

"pardonnez-moi, but are you two french because madayum’”


"look we’re not interested"


"you sure?"




"my contents may be hot"


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whataya doing?

can I watch you?

I hope it’s not annoying.

oh, you gonna like that?

why didn’t you reblog that picture of me?

look, puppies!

do you think I could get that cake?

is that porn?

did you know my brother’s in a band?

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That perfect girl is gone. Here I stand in the light of day. Let the storm rage on! The cold never bothered me anyway.

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